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How Much Exercise Do I Need?

If you watch the news or read magazines, you're probably familiar with the recommendation to exercise regularly. But what exactly does that mean?

Our team at AFC Urgent Care Portland wants to break it down for you, defining how much exercise is enough and offering suggestions on how to get it. Read on as we offer some insight.

11th June 2020

Why Is It Important to Stay Active As You Age?

National Senior Health Fitness Day is just around the corner—May 27. As a result, our team at AFC Urgent Care Portland wants to share some tips about how you can continue to stay active as you age! Read on as we share some insight.

15th May 2020

Do Sports Cause Injuries?

The time has finally come where we start to say goodbye to the summer season and gearing up for fall! And what is one of the most favorite pastimes of the fall season among Americans? Sports!

24th August 2019

Why Your Child Needs A Sports Physical

The reasons why physicals are required for young athletes
3rd October 2017

How To Tell If Your Child Has A Concussion

Signs & Symptoms To Help Determine Severity Of Injury

With an increase in media coverage surrounding concussions and traumatic brain injuries, safety guidelines are often getting updated to help protect child athletes.

6th September 2017

Sports Medicine Specialists - Keeping Active People Healthy and Happy

In a specialized area of medicine that requires a significant amount of advanced training in both the treatment and prevention of injury, a Sports Medicine Specialist can often help patients minimize the effects of a debilitating injury.

31st March 2017

February is American Heart Month. Do You Have a Healthy Heart?

February is American Heart Month, which strives to educate Americans about the dangers of heart disease and the steps that you can take to minimize its risk. Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the United States, as about one-out-of-four deaths can be attributed to heart disease each year. 

22nd February 2017

What We Treat: Sprained Ankles

Even though many people, especially athletes, believe their bodies are invincible, the truth is no one is immune to injuries. One of the most common sports related injuries, ankle sprains, can happen not only on the athletic field or court, but simply by stepping off a curb and landing incorrectly as well.

7th September 2016

Why Now Is the Time to Be Thinking About Sports Physicals

If your child plays team sports through their school, you are probably looking forward to cheering them on during their season, and planning out your schedule around their practices. But have you planned for their sports physical yet?

29th July 2016

Why Your Child Should Get a Sports Physical Every Year

It’s early spring, which means it’s time for all young athletes to get ready to join their teams to compete in the spring, summer or fall. According to a report Sports and Fitness Industry 

8th April 2016