Why Should I Get a Wellness Exam? | AFC Urgent Care | Portland

Remember when you were a kid and you’d have to go see the doctor every year? Well, that’s just as important, if not more, as an adult. Yet, it’s much less common for adults to regularly see a doctor for wellness check-ups. The CDC recommends “regular health exams and tests to help find problems before they start.

But I’m healthy!

As an adult, you have more control over your “lifestyle choices” such as what you eat, how much you exercise, and more. However, there are still a few factors that you cannot control like your age, overall health, and family history. All of these factors impact what specific types and how often you may need healthcare. Having yearly screenings allows you to check in with your doctor and yourself to tackle any minor issues before they become major ones.

At AFC Urgent Care, our annual exams vary from person to person but often include blood pressure and cholesterol tests, body mass index and STD tests, and cancer and diabetes tests. Along with ensuring your body is healthy, yearly wellness exams are a great chance to ask your doctor for tips and tricks to stay healthy. Dr. Sue Lewis says, “a wellness exam is really considered preventative medicine, think of it as a 50,000-mile checkup for your body.”

Wellness and COVID.

Regardless of your health before COVID hit, medical professionals are encouraging everyone to take a step back and evaluate how stress, anxiety, and worry could be physically manifesting itself. In an article by NPR, Dr. Tony Roberson mentioned that he is “seeing more physical complaints that are closely linked to psychiatric complaints”. Fatigue, muscle tension, headaches, chest pain, and stomach problems are common symptoms that are linked to stress.

Professionals in both the medical and fitness fields recommend some type of exercise at least once a day. Whether it’s a walk with your dog, a jog around the park, or an at-home workout class, moving your body can help relieve some stress and anxiety that may be causing larger issues. Talking with a doctor during a wellness visit is a great chance to learn more about maintaining a healthy mind and body.

What about the bill?

Unlike when you were a kid, you may now be responsible for your own healthcare costs. Not to worry! As part of the Affordable Care Act, every insured patient is allowed one free wellness visit each calendar year. If you haven’t had yours in 2020, get it before the end of the year and you’ll still be eligible for one next year!


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